torsdag 2 april 2015

So now it´s easter again and I thought I would do an easteregg. It was the first time I tryed to do anything like this and I must say I feel really happy with the result. This one I will give to my mom. :)

I found this old and really borring egg in a draw and since it was shaped like a heart I didn´t want to throw it away. Usualy we just have the normal round ones here in my town wich is so borring.

Under my tejp I have punchiella and some other kind of tejp. I really don´t know the name of it in english but it´s normaly used for wallpapering. After that I cut pices of my aluminium tejp and started to tejp all my egg.

When the tejping is done I use my tool to go around all the edges on the tejp under and on the punchiella.

Since I wanted some cogwheel on my egg I did the same thing with them. I put some tejp on my paper and run it throuh my Cutlebugg with a cogwheel die. 
To give the egg and the cogwheel a bit more struckture I went over them with some steel wool because that will make the paint stick better. When I feel I got the texture I want I painted the egg with some black akrylic paint, and then wiping off the extra colour. I did the same thing on the cogwheel. This step I just repeted til I got the resault I wanted and then I just decorated my egg.

Now this is the finished resault and I am so satisfyed with it and I think that my mom will love it.

If you like this egg please let me know by leaving a comment here or send me an mail. Is there anything you don´t understand or want to ask me about, do the same thing. Leave a comment or send me an mail. :)

Happy crafting.

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