måndag 2 mars 2015

Well, it all started with a comment on my IG acount from @simonsaysstamp saying that they have some new release coming March 6 and I could send my adress for some products to try out. I thought, sure why not. Not that I ever thought I would get anything but I don´t have anything to lose so..
I sended a message to this woman and she replyed and said that she had shiped of a package to me. Interesting I thought. And today I recived it... :) :)
Talk about beeing excited. This is the first time I ever get something to try out from a company  that I absolutly LOVE. I could spend a fortune on their website and not to mention all the inspiration I get from their blogg.

So what I recived was a set of clearstamps and four different ink pads and since I think it´s borring to read to much I will show you some pictures of it insteed.

So this is what I recived and to the left you can see the colours of the ink pads. It is hard to get the exacly colours with my phone but it´s almost as close as it can get. 

The clear stamp words are pretty small and perfect to use for your planner or in your Project Life album.

I made some fast and easy Project Life cards just to show how it can look when you´r using the different clearstamps. 

Please let me know what you think about this set and don´t forget to go and check out Simon Says Stamp for some really nice things.

Happy crafting.

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