torsdag 7 maj 2015

Card making time

Well I´m not that much into making cards but I have to addmit that it is pretty fun to do, sometimes.
Since I am new to this I don´t know what style I like yet so I´m testing and seeing what I like. And the reason why I wanted to show this card is because I want to show that everyone has to start somewhere. Not everyone can make all this nice cards thats for sale on FaceBook and other sites. We all have to learn and this is where I´m starting :)

For this card I used an image on an angel and for the background I used some stencils from Tim Holtz with distress ink. I have always loved blue so of course I use blue for my first project. I think it turned out pretty good for beeing my first try ever on a card. 

This is how it looks like when I was trying out to see how I wanted the flowers to be placed.

I finaly decided to have them like this and I think it was a good choise.

This is the finished card.

I hope you liked it and that it gave you some inspiration on how to make and easy and nice card.

Happy crafting all. 

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