söndag 19 juli 2015

Small giftbox

Gift box

A while ago I bought this die that is used for making a small box. I havn´t tryed it before so I thought it was time to give it a go. I really didn´t have any idea of how big the box was going to be or how I should make it but that´s the fun part about crafting, :)

Anyway. It´s nothing special about the inside of the box really so I just made it in pink cardstock. The outside I wanted to make it in a steampunk theme because that is the theme I like the best. So after cuting it out I took some cogwheels on it and some pipes.

I cover it all up with alumium tejp and painted it with black acrylic and then just whiped of the extra colour. I´m sorry about the quality about the light but it was dark and hard to make it good with the flash. As you can see I just decorated the sides and the top part of the box and I also put in some screws and a small flower.
When everything had dryed up I glued it together and it was done. 

I hope you liked it and that you got some inspiration from it. And as always, it´s always fun to read you comments.

Happy crafting. 

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